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Ari Erenthal

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Interlogix to Bosch Contact Closure Crossover

Ari Erenthal December 30, 2020 14:45 PM

Many in the security industry were taken by surprise when Interlogix announced that they were exiting the industry. System designers and project managers often try to standardize on specific manufacturers wherever possible. Keeping the number of...

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Benefits of a Combination Fire & Intrusion Alarm Control Panel

Ari Erenthal December 10, 2020 21:32 PM

Ari and Katie sat down to talk about combination (combo) fire/intrusion alarm control systems in the video below. A combo system combines several different functions including fire, intrusion, and even door control.

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Wipedown-Friendly Capacitive Keypad - Bosch B921C

Ari Erenthal November 30, 2020 15:01 PM

Facility managers and security professionals are seeking ways to keep their employees safe at work. The wipedown-friendly Bosch B921C is a capacitive intrusion detection system keypad that is wipedown-friendly. 

If you use a keypad with...

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Integrating Bosch Access Control, Intrusion, and Video Surveillance

Ari Erenthal October 6, 2020 13:11 PM

Access management is an essential component of building security. It is the process of granting authorized users the right to enter certain buildings, areas and rooms, while preventing access to non-authorized users. Sounds simple, but today’s...

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Intelligent Intrusion Detection: Video Analytics with G Series and B Series Intrusion Panels

Ari Erenthal May 1, 2020 19:35 PM

There's an innovative way to add intelligence of your intrusion detection alarm system that allows you to detect very specific behaviors well before or much more specifically than any motion detector or door contact can.

This is one of the most...

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Recorded Webinar: Selling Intrusion into Commercial Applications

Ari Erenthal April 10, 2020 20:43 PM

For those who missed Bosch's Tech Talk on selling intrusion into commercial applications, the recording is now available.

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Interlogix to Bosch Intrusion Detection Crossover Guide

Ari Erenthal December 30, 2020 14:44 PM

Getting the part numbers right for a project is critical. This is especially true when an old or discontinued device is no longer available. To make obtaining the direct replacement or higher performance part number easy, Bosch created this...

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New Video Series: Intrusion Detection Operation, Terminology, and Problemology

Ari Erenthal November 9, 2018 14:49 PM

Watch Ari Erenthal's video tutorial series where he discusses and demonstrates intrusion detection system operation, terminology, and problemology for security system end users. Send Ari your questions and maybe we'll make a video of the answer. 

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4G LTE Cellular Communicator Announcement

Ari Erenthal August 14, 2018 13:38 PM

The just released B444 Conettix 4G LTE plug-in cellular communicator enables two-way IP central station communication over the Verizon 4G LTE cellular network.

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UPDATE: telephone lines for alarm communication (POTS)

Ari Erenthal April 18, 2018 0:24 AM

Ari Erenthal, the MidChes alarm specialist for our team in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC, evaluated the current status and reliability of using telephone (POTS) lines for modern security alarm communications. We've written many articles...

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