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A Fresh Approach to Security Gates: Full Height Mechanical Turnstiles by Orion Entrance Control

Matt Golueke February 16, 2023 15:01 PM

Full-height Turnsile Custom Installation - Orion Entrance Control

When it comes to full height mechanical turnstiles, it may take quite a bit of news to get excited about the topic. They are generally seen as a commodity component of a comprehensive security strategy. However, Orion Entrance Control has injected some advanced construction and modern features into the conversation that may have you taking a second look at which turnstile you select as part of your next security project.

Orion's series of Maxima and ADA full height mechanical turnstiles feature:

  • 3-year warranty
  • Quiet mechanism, smooth operation, wiring channels, ease of access to wiring for simplified installation.
  • Much thicker steel.   Orion's single cage full height is over 400 pounds heavier than the competition due to the thickness of steel.  Available in galvanized, stainless steel, or powder coated. 
  • Standard overhead lights to illuminate passage way and LED Indicators 
  • PivotMax bottom pivot for easy installation and longer lifespan
  • IP 54 protection (dust and rain)
  • IP 65 protection (strong water jets in all directions for protection of electronics)
  • Roof, canopy, and swing door combinations of any of the single, multiple, or space-saving tandem
  • Available auxiliary heater for operation to -40F
  • Lifecyle of 10 million cycles


Single gate, powder coat finish:

Factory Unit on Platform - powder coat


Rugged, steel construction:



PivotMax bottom pivot installation:



LED lighting with stainless and galvanized finishes:


Tansa LED light details


Powder coat finish:

Tansa Powder coat construction detail


Wire run topcap:

Wire run topcap


Technical Documentation:






Orion Entrance Control 2023 Comprehensive Solution Catalog >>

Orion Entrance Control Catalog 2023 cover image


Contact us for design or site survey assistance >>






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