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Bosch B465 Fire and Intrusion Alarm Communication Dialer for Bosch and 3rd Party Fire Panels

Ari Erenthal November 29, 2021 12:30 PM

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More properties are having problems communicating fire and intrusion alarm signals over POTS. As telephone companies convert their transmission equipment from copper to fiber, communication failures are becoming more common.

Watch our video about POTS issues here >>

When it comes to intrusion alarm panels, the simplest solution is to simply upgrade the panel. All Bosch intrusion panels now come with onboard ethernet ports for simple IP monitoring, as well as a slot for a cellular radio. Swapping an old Bosch panel with a new one is a relatively simple procedure.

Upgrading a fire alarm panel can be far more complicated

You may be required to pull permits when upgrading a fire alarm. Sometimes, a grandfathered system may need a complete overhaul, which is expensive and time consuming.

B465 Highlights 2To help solve this problem, Bosch offers the B465 Universal Dual Path Communicator

This allows alarm panels, both Bosch and 3rd party panels, to dial out over IP to the central monitoring station. The B465 also has a slot for a cellular radio. Dialing out over IP and cellular simultaneously fulfills the requirement to have two (dual) paths of communication.

The B465 autodetects the signal format and converts it, making it compatible with just about every fire or intrusion panel you may likely to encounter in the U.S.

While you can use the B465 as-is for many intrusion applications, certain jurisdictions have additional requirements for fire communicators.

Watch as Ari Erenthal and Rick Bennett discuss the B465 and its related fire accessories in this video >>


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B465 Parts List for Fire Alarm Panels



Technical Details

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