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ISC West 2019

Matt Golueke February 1, 2019 15:05 PM

Security professionals have been using IP cameras and other security devices successfully for years, and legacy solutions have been working for a long time. However, new technologies that use analytics and cyber security safeguards are taking the...

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Wireless Point to Point and Multi-point for Security Devices

Matt Golueke January 30, 2019 13:03 PM

Steve Pennington and Tom Fontana outline the benefits and explain the challenges of deploying wireless Ethernet connectivity for security devices and data in the video below. 

  • Connecting remote buildings and structures
  • Connecting to remote...
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CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT: Fundamentals of Video Surveillance March 8, 2019

Matt Golueke January 25, 2019 14:12 PM



  • March 8, 2019 in Chadds Ford, PA - seats available
  • February 8, 2019 in Chadds Ford, PA - SOLD OUT

Fundamentals of Video Surveillance, held near Philadelphia, includes basics of video surveillance system function and design...

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New Applications for Panoramic 180° and 360° Security Cameras

Matt Golueke January 16, 2019 14:15 PM

In this video, Tom, Joe, Ari, and Rick discuss additional applications and considerations for using panoramic 180° and 360° security cameras:

  • Down-angle mounting
  • Ceiling and mounting height
  • Warped versus dewarped images
  • Single-camera coverage
  • ...
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Stairwell Surveillance: Panoramic 180° vs Conventional Dome

Matt Golueke January 11, 2019 17:08 PM

Security professionals are deploying video surveillance in more locations throughout their buildings. Stairwells have historically been challenging environments to view with traditional security cameras for a variety of reasons:

  • ...
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Remote Control of Alarm Control Panels

Matt Golueke January 9, 2019 20:33 PM

At work and at home, we're now demanding remote control of devices and equipment. Bosch has an app, Remote Security Control (RSC), that can control Bosch alarm control panels, bringing convenience to retail, commercial, and residential security...

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Voice Communication During Emergencies

Matt Golueke January 3, 2019 17:07 PM

In the short excerpt below, we discuss the importance of voice communication during emergencies during our security consultation discussion with Ben Gollotti. When it comes to getting expert security planning advice and solution design...

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Scene and Lighting Modes in Bosch IP Cameras

Matt Golueke December 24, 2018 19:40 PM

When it comes to watching a television show, sporting event, or video on a TV versus capturing security surveillance footage for crime prevention and prosecution, there's often a big difference in what the image should look like on the screen.


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Proactive, Data-Driven Approach to Security

Matt Golueke December 21, 2018 16:41 PM

In the short excerpt below, we discuss approaching security in a proactive, data-driven manner to create a safe environment during our recent security consultation discussion with Ben Gollotti. When it comes to getting expert security planning...

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Securing Perimeter Doors

Matt Golueke December 18, 2018 16:16 PM

Secure your facilities - especially perimeter doors - with Bosch B and G Series Control Panels.

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