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    Winsted Design of the Month: Conference Table and 2-Operator Sit/Stand

    Matt Golueke January 19, 2022 3:41 AM

    Security and operations room staff are able to work more effectively when the console they are working at is designed for ergonomic optimization. Likewise, when having a meeting, the proper chairs and table are a must to maximize productivity and...

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    Bosch Alarm Panel Upgrade Path - G Series, B Series, B600, and Peripherals

    Ari Erenthal January 13, 2022 0:25 AM

    There are plenty of reasons why you would want to swap an old intrusion alarm panel for a new one. Sometimes a panel simply needs to be replaced due to age, and sometimes an end user needs a feature that only exists on a new version of the alarm...

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    Pet Immune Motion Detector - Proof Positive

    Ari Erenthal January 11, 2022 17:18 PM

    Blue Line Gen2 TriTech Motion Detectors (ISCBDL2) use a combination of passive infrared (PIR) and microwave Doppler radar detection with advanced signal processing. The pet‑friendly (‑WP) models generate alarms for human intruders without...

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    Protect Your Perimeter Property Line with Confidence - Southwest Microwave's 2022 Training Calendar

    Matt Golueke January 10, 2022 17:51 PM

    For security professionals with new or ongoing perimeter intrusion detection projects, Southwest Microwave offers free technical training certification courses that ensure proper installation and maintenance. View their 2022 in-person and online...

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    Kick off 2022 with a Bosch class or two

    Matt Golueke January 10, 2022 17:20 PM

    Bosch has announced a wide array of classes being held in person and virtually in January and February. These classes range from VSaaS (cloud video surveillance) to FPD fire alarm classes.

    Create a Bosch Training Academy account and register...

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    What's Your Resolution? Is it time to see clearer in 2022?

    Matt Golueke January 6, 2022 19:24 PM

    It's 2022 and, understandably, many security professionals are still looking through blurry 4CIF or 720p camera lenses. There are a variety of reasons why security professionals are still using older, lower resolution cameras, and budget usually...

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    AT&T + B444-A cellular module = $50 off!

    Ari Erenthal December 23, 2021 16:51 PM

    AT&T has announced that they will sunset their 3G network in the US on February 22, 2022. If you have Bosch B443 cellular modules that are using the AT&T network, you will need to replace these modules before this deadline because they will stop...

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    Apache Log4j Vulnerability CVE-2021-44228 “Log4Shell” - Not Affected List Published by Bosch

    Matt Golueke December 16, 2021 15:44 PM

    Bosch is aware of the Apache Log4j Vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) “Log4Shell” and is performing ongoing analysis. As of the publication of the Bosch statement below, the majority of products ARE NOT AFFECTED to include:

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    Matt Golueke December 14, 2021 17:07 PM

    Rapid response and effective voice communication can make a significant difference in patient health in complex and fast-moving healthcare environments, especially in emergency and operating rooms. Commend's unified communication platform...

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    ICYMI - Bosch Remote Portal: Remote Viewing, Alarm Notification, and Configuration of Security Cameras

    Joe Barnhart December 7, 2021 14:59 PM

    Bosch Remote Portal is a FREE cloud-based central service that simplifies viewing live and recorded security camera surveillance video. It is also the central hub for remotely connecting, managing, configuring, and monitoring the status of your...

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