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    Complimentary ISTE 2023 Exhibit Hall Pass

    Matt Golueke June 7, 2023 19:36 PM

    The edtech community's ISTE 23 Conference is THIS MONTH in Philadelphia on June 26-28. Get your FREE PASS to the Exhibit Hall courtesy of Bluum. Bosch will be part of the Bluum exhibit (#2750) along with Milestone. Tom Fontana and other members of...

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    Fiber Optic Connectivity for Security Cameras - PLUS a Demonstration of AUTODOME 7000i (Gen5) & 7100i (Gen6) and Fixed Camera Fiber Optic Accessories

    Matt Golueke June 5, 2023 20:39 PM

    Ensuring reliable and robust connectivity for edge devices is of paramount importance.

    Whether it's surveillance cameras, access control systems, or alarms, choosing the right cabling infrastructure is critical. While both fiber optic and copper...

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    Cybersecurity Exhibits at the International Spy Museum

    Matt Golueke May 30, 2023 23:42 PM

    If you're like most people, when you think about a museum, you think about relics of the past. Well, not so fast says the International Spy Museum. Although relics of the spying past are abundant, Matt Golueke visited this weekend and was amazed by...

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    New Release: DINION 7100i IR bullet camera family

    Matt Golueke May 8, 2023 15:26 PM

    We are happy to share that the highly anticipated launch of the DINION 7100i IR cameras has begun. Bosch's newest camera family delivers reliable detection and precise classification, especially beneficial for perimeter security and traffic...

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    DoorGuard™ Tailgating Detection Evaluation Fun at Orion Entrance Control

    Matt Golueke May 4, 2023 19:35 PM

    We visited Orion Entrance Control's headquarters to learn more about the engineering behind DoorGuard™, their tailgating detection solution that leverages LiDAR technology to detect attempts to tailgate or piggyback into a secure area.

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    Glass Swing Arm Turnstile Branding and Security in Your Lobby: Orion Entrance Control SpeedGate™

    Matt Golueke May 4, 2023 17:22 PM

    Lobby turnstiles are a great place for companies and organizations to show off their branding while also creating a more secure environment for employees and visitors. At Orion Entrance Control, Inc., they use digital ceramic glass printing...

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    Introduction Video Series: FLEXIDOME 5100i (IR)

    Matt Golueke May 30, 2023 12:41 PM

    Bosch released the much anticipated FLEXIDOME indoor/outdoor 5100i (IR) series of cameras, ideal for the most common safety and security applications that security professionals are responsible for every day.

    Our team took a few days to evaluate...

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    Mobile Credentials for Bosch Access Management System (AMS) and Visitor Management

    Matt Golueke April 26, 2023 14:11 PM

    Physical access control (PACS) and visitor management mobile credentials offer a range of advantages to users. They provide convenience, security, and cost savings. They are easy to use, require minimal setup time and eliminate the need for multiple...

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    Bosch Security - The New Age of AI-based Analytics in Security Cameras

    Matt Golueke April 24, 2023 23:00 PM

    All Bosch video security cameras are offered with AI as a built-in standard. Their AI capabilities enable them to understand what they’re seeing and to add meaning to captured video with metadata. This is an important first step in converting video...

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    Bosch Training Academy - Now with Commercial Sales and Design Training Certifications

    Matt Golueke April 24, 2023 18:40 PM

    Bosch security classes build on two levels: At the EXPERT level, you receive a mix of online and classroom courses. At the MASTER level, you acquire the most comprehensive technical and commercial competences in classroom courses. Their training...

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