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    Ari Erenthal

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    Bosch B and G Series Control Panel Enhancements and RPS Update

    Ari Erenthal June 16, 2021 11:30 AM

    Bosch is excited to announce the release of firmware version 3.11 for B and G Series control panels and RPS Remote Programming Software version 6.11.

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    Replacing telephone lines with IP for alarm communication (POTS) - Alarm over IP

    Ari Erenthal May 14, 2021 11:57 AM

    Ari Erenthal, the MidChes intrusion alarm specialist for our team, evaluated the current status and reliability of using telephone (POTS) lines for modern security alarm communications. We've written many articles over the past few years about the...

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    Bosch Access Management System (AMS)

    Ari Erenthal April 20, 2022 20:17 PM

    Bosch's Access Management System (AMS) combines high-end access control features and high-scalability from 1000 to 200,000 users and from 32 to 10,000 doors.

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    Intrusion Detection System and Keypad Basics

    Ari Erenthal April 8, 2021 11:59 AM

    Over the years, our team has compiled dozens of educational and tutorial videos designed to provide a basis of knowledge about intrusion detection systems and the equipment commonly used as part of those systems. We have compiled nearly 50 videos...

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    What is a Seismic or Shock Sensor for Intrusion Detection?

    Ari Erenthal March 29, 2021 12:42 PM

    Seismic detectors look for vibration like that caused by a saw or drill. Lots of people rely on big, heavy, metal boxes to keep their valuables in. Of course, we’re talking about safes and vaults. The problem is that safes don’t keep people out, it...

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    What is a Request to Exit (REX or RTE) Detector? Bosch DS150i and DS160 Overview

    Ari Erenthal July 27, 2022 21:52 PM

    Building codes are written to help balance security, safety, and standard operations. That is, the ability of building owners to keep unauthorized people out while enabling people within the building to exit quickly and easily in case of a fire.


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    What is a Door Alarm Sensor or Door Contact?

    Ari Erenthal March 18, 2021 13:57 PM

    A door alarm sensor is a magnetic device which triggers an intrusion detection alarm control panel when a door is open or closed. It comes in two parts, a magnet and a switch. The magnet is secured to the door, and the switch is connected to a wire...

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    Panoramic TriTech Ceiling Mount Motion Detector Overview - Bosch DS9370 and DS9371

    Ari Erenthal March 12, 2021 21:24 PM

    Wall mounted motion detectors are normally used to monitor the interior spaces of small rooms. Mounting a motion detector in the corner of a room allows you to take advantage of the wedge-shaped detection pattern put out by a typical motion detector...

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    Interlogix to Bosch Contact Closure Crossover

    Ari Erenthal December 30, 2020 14:45 PM

    Many in the security industry were taken by surprise when Interlogix announced that they were exiting the industry. System designers and project managers often try to standardize on specific manufacturers wherever possible. Keeping the number of...

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    Benefits of a Combination Fire & Intrusion Alarm Control Panel

    Ari Erenthal December 10, 2020 21:32 PM

    Ari and Katie sat down to talk about combination (combo) fire/intrusion alarm control systems in the video below. A combo system combines several different functions including fire, intrusion, and even door control.

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