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Perimeter Detection: Total Cost of Ownership

Matt Golueke September 13, 2017 12:15 PM

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We're bringing perimeter detection topics to you in the series Security Solutions: At The Perimeter

Topic 8: Total Cost of Ownership 

Calculating Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a critical component when considering a major technology purchase for your business. This comprehensive financial estimation can uncover unexpected direct or indirect costs of a purchase. Some security systems have a heavily loaded up front cost while others are inexpensive initially and have significant operational costs on the back end. 

In this segment, Tim Claus of Southwest Microwave discusses steps to consider when calculating Total Cost of Ownership, which can also act as a guide for other TCO evaluations such as video surveillance or access control.

Matt Golueke brings up the topic of the impact on end user brand and reputation should an event occur that impacts the public.

  • Acquisition Cost
  • Installation Cost
  • Operational Cost
  • Change Cost
  • Brand & Reputation Cost


Security Solutions: At The Perimeter SERIES TOPICS



Visit our Perimeter Detection web portal and download Site Survey: Perimeter Detection

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Many end users have a Southwest Microwave INTREPID MicroPoint or MicroNet system in place. Since their end of life in 2010, Southwest Microwave estimates that replacement parts will be available until the middle of 2018.

The guide below will help you plan for the transition to a new MicroPoint II or MicroNet II system. The good news is that quite a few compnents, including your good-condition cable, from your old system can be used with the new system, thus reducing overall cost of a system upgrade.

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