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Analytics-driven Video for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Smart Cities

Matt Golueke March 28, 2020 15:28 PM


City planners will face new safety challenges once we get back to a normal non-distancing society – distracted pedestrians, more bicyclists, and an increase in public transportation. Smart and semi-autonomous vehicles are also on the rise in...

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Webinar - Security Cameras as Smart Video Analytics Sensors

Matt Golueke March 28, 2020 15:11 PM

Working remotely provides an excellent opportunity to take your security technology understanding to the next level. Earlier this week, our team joined a webinar with our Bosch colleague, Mark Land, to dig deeper into several video analytics...

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Proof of Concept: Intelligent Video Analytics - Dual Line Crossing

Matt Golueke March 20, 2020 0:04 AM

If you're anything like us, you need to see video analytics in action to believe it. This week, we headed outside to set up a video analytics proof of concept demonstration for an end user security professional.

The primary purpose was to verify...

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Simplified Intercom UX for Campus and Enterprise Applications

Matt Golueke March 13, 2020 11:15 AM

Commend intercom solutions simplify the user experience, especially in campus and large building environments. Plus, they can even be used to display advertising messages. Watch how easy it is to use the Concerto touch-screen intercom >>>

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Equipment Management Solution: Winsted Paramount Technology Credenza

Matt Golueke March 12, 2020 12:00 PM

Winsted’s NEW Paramount Technology Credenzas are designed to organize and protect your electronics.  Paramount is an elegant, functional solution that integrates nicely into any boardroom, conference room, control room, or any other high-tech...

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Winsted Design of the Month: Federal Government Agency

Matt Golueke March 11, 2020 16:20 PM

A security solutions integrator contacted the MidChes team with a request to design a security console for three operators in a command center. The console will be located in a small room where the federal agency wants security system operators...

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Design Versus Installation: Intrusion Detection Wiring Options

Matt Golueke February 27, 2020 16:24 PM

When an intrusion detection system is designed, the wiring configuration used can vary depending on building size, building use, infrastructure complexity, specifier familiarity with the products, and a wide variety of other considerations. As a...

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Webinar - Physical Perimeter Security: Data Center Protection

Matt Golueke February 18, 2020 17:17 PM

DriveOhio Takes the Lead in Smart Intelligent Transportation Systems

Matt Golueke February 5, 2020 4:10 AM

Ohio is home to dozens of public and private entities all involved in the design, development, testing, use, and regulation of autonomous and connected intelligent transportation systems (ITS) technologies. DriveOhio, the state's center for smart...

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PoE at the Edge: Perimeter Intrusion Detection Solutions by Southwest Microwave

Matt Golueke February 3, 2020 18:45 PM

Using Power over Ethernet (PoE) at the edge has generally been limited to IP security cameras and a small handful of other detectors. Until Now...

Southwest Microwave introduced PoE technology that powers fence intrusion detection and microwave...

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