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Bosch B and G Series Control Panel Enhancements and RPS Update

Ari Erenthal June 16, 2021 11:30 AM

Bosch G Series and B Series Panels

Bosch is excited to announce the release of firmware version 3.11 for B and G Series control panels and RPS Remote Programming Software version 6.11.
B Series and G Series Control Panel Enhancements:

  • Additional IP Camera Support: B9512G now supports integration with up to 59 Bosch IP cameras. Integration with Bosch IP cameras provides the ability to activate alarm points from camera analytic events, and allows the control panel to activate camera alarm inputs. The expansion to 59 cameras allows the B9512G to support much larger surveillance systems.

  • Support for IP camera hardware alarm inputs: B and G Series panels can now accept alarms from hardwire inputs on integrated cameras. This reduces wiring by allowing the status of devices such as door contacts, in close proximity to the camera to be monitored without running extra wires all the way back to the control panel.

  • New Point Types: New point types now include panic, high temperature, low temperature and water leak. This simplifies central station response to these events by providing more detailed information.

  • Additional features include a one-time passcode for service providers and enhanced user and automation tamper response.

    This new firmware is available from the Bosch website.
    Link to G Series Release Notes
    Link to G Series firmware download page
    Link to B Series Release Notes
    Link to B Series firmware download page
    * Note that panel firmware 3.11 requires use of RPS 6.11


RPS Remote Programming Software Enhancements


  • Expanded User Groups: The user group feature has been enhanced to include area authority. Now operators can create user groups and set an authority for each individual panel area. This greatly simplifies the creation of new panel users by eliminating the need for custom area programming for each user. For systems with multiple areas and multiple panel users, this can improve efficiency and eliminate errors. With up to 32 user groups supported, this feature supports systems with many areas and user types.

  • IP camera integration programming enhancements: To simplify programming for integrated Bosch IP cameras, RPS now allows the camera configuration to be imported from Bosch Configuration Manager. In addition, RPS now provides direct links to open the Configuration Manager application and the IP camera webpage to reduce time and complexity when programming. A new, interactive programming chart for integrated cameras makes this process even more intuitive and simple.

  • Enhanced on-screen help: When using the F1 on-screen help feature, operators can now connect directly to content specific self-help how-to and installation videos located on the Bosch YouTube page. This provides instant access to more detailed information allowing the operator to be better informed about Bosch products and features.

  • Selectable Programming Synchronization: Operators can now select which programming items to include as part of the Panel upload or download synchronization. This reduces the chance that information is inadvertently overwritten when performing a complete upload or download and is especially useful when systems may be programmed by multiple RPS systems.

  • Additional enhancements includes support for FIPS controlled environments, expanded item descriptions and automatic SQL database backup upon installation.

    This new software is available from the Bosch website.
    Link to RPS 6.11 Release Notes
    Link to RPS 6.11 software download page


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