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What is a Seismic or Shock Sensor for Intrusion Detection?

Ari Erenthal March 29, 2021 12:42 PM

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Seismic detectors look for vibration like that caused by a saw or drill. Lots of people rely on big, heavy, metal boxes to keep their valuables in. Of course, we’re talking about safes and vaults. The problem is that safes don’t keep people out, it just slows them down.

For extremely high value targets, you’ll sometimes get intruders tunneling through walls or floors to get to a safe. An alarm and a lock on a door doesn’t help if the bad guy doesn’t use the door. Once they’re in the room with the safe, they can cut, drill, blast, or just remove the safe to work on it somewhere else.

In this video, Jim Grenier and Ari Erenthal discuss the use of shock and seismic sensors to detect an intrusion attempt >>


Bosch offers two sensors for applications like this >> 



Bosch ISC-SK10
The ISC-SK10 is for small applications like free standing safes and ATMs. It can be mounted directly to metal, glass, concrete, or wood.

It has a detection radius of 1.5 meters on concrete, 2.5 meters on brick, and 3 meters on steel. It can be glued or screwed to a flat surface, has fully adjustable sensitivity settings.

The ISC-SK10 is also a learning detector. It's able to filter out regular architectural vibration from boilers, HVAC systems, and other mechanical sources.


Bosch ISN-SM
The ISN-SM is for large applications, like floor safes, wall safes, vaults, and strongrooms. It can be screwed or glued to a flat surface, and can be welded to steel or sunk into poured concrete with optional accessories.

It has a detection radius of 4 meters on concrete and 2 meters on steel. It can also detect  tools like hydraulic rams, flame cutters, thermal lances, and water jet cutters.

The ISN-SM is also an intelligent detector, able to compare vibrations against an internal library of vibration patterns caused by tools and filter out vibrations caused by mechanical sources, which cuts down on false alarms.


System Design Assistance

Contact us for assistance putting together a complete security solution for your application.

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