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Bosch B Series and G Series Intrusion Detection System Wire Length Limits

Ari Erenthal July 2, 2021 19:48 PM

Bosch G Series Panel - Keypads - Wire image

We know we can get a bit technical...maybe a little more than a bit technical from time to time. So, here's a short and sweet post that is useful for specifiers and installers of Bosch B9512G and B8512G intrusion alarm control panels. We've created this simple, one-page wire length guide to help simplify your intrusion detection system designs and installations.

Why did we bother? It's simple, the time required to find the information yourself or have to replace a wire pull after it's already installed can be a serious headache and expense.

Download the guide here >>

Bosch B9512G and B8512G Wire Distance Limit Guide >>

   Bosch Intrusion Detection SDI2 Wire Length Limits image


Bosch B9512G and B8512G Installation Manual >>

          G Series Installation Manual


Bosch B6512 / B5512 / B4512 / B3512 Installation Manual >>

          B Series Installation Manual



Bosch Alarm Panel Models >>

          Bosch G Series and B Series Panels



Contact us for system design assistance >>







Topics: Intrusion detection, Bosch Intrusion Detection Alarm

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