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    Winsted Project of the Month - Government Control Center

    Matt Golueke April 5, 2021 13:51 PM

    Joe Barnhart met with a security integrator for a site visit to determine the best furniture design for a government agency's control room. 

    Aside from fitting the room properly, the console was to have a Corian work surface for maximum durability....

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    Monitor Wall Design and Installation Flexibility

    Matt Golueke March 23, 2021 17:47 PM

    Keeping an eye on lots of security cameras or control systems often requires a large bank of monitors mounted for one or more operators to view easily. However, mounting multiple monitors directly to a wall may not be the best option. 


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    Winsted Control Room Project of the Month - Multi-industry Global Company

    Matt Golueke March 15, 2021 16:13 PM

    Securing a company's facility involves many systems, software, and hardware. Expanding that challenge to a global footprint is the ultimate challenge. Bringing all of the systems to a  security operations center is critical to ensuring and...

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