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    Simplifying the Control Room & Improving Situational Awareness and Essential Ergonomics: A Security Technology Forum 2022 video presentation by Martin O'Donnell and Shawn Brady

    Matt Golueke November 2, 2022 22:34 PM


    In this recorded presentation, Martin O'Donnell from Vistacom SecureView and Shawn Brady from Winsted discuss fundamentals as well as technical considerations for designing and modifying security operations centers (SOC) and control rooms of all...

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    Odd shaped security or control room? No problem for Winsted furniture.

    Matt Golueke May 12, 2022 14:50 PM

    Often, security desks and command centers are squeezed into small and odd-shaped rooms. Fortunately, Winsted furniture can be designed to fit in most any size or shape space.

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    LIVE-ish from ISC West 2022: Winsted Command Center Consoles Update

    Matt Golueke April 4, 2022 19:03 PM

    Steve Pennington talked with Randy Smith from Winsted about what's new from Winsted at ISC West 2022. Watch their discussion here >>

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    Considering a new or upgraded Security Operations Center (SOC)?

    Matt Golueke January 28, 2022 4:36 AM

    Security Operations Centers (SOC) come in all shapes and sizes. SOCs range from in-house brick and mortar SOCs, to virtual SOCs operating in the cloud environment, as well as outsourced contract SOCs that serve multiple clients.  Few organizations...

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    Hospital Security Command Center: Winsted Console Design of the Month

    Matt Golueke November 16, 2021 15:45 PM

    Katie McEvoy and our outside sales team were asked to assist with the design of a two-officer console for a hospital. They requested an L-shape console to fit in the corner of the 12'x12' room. Two operators needed space to operate the various...

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    Security Operations Center Design of the Month: Dual-Operator Sit-Stand

    Matt Golueke June 17, 2021 12:44 PM

    When two security operations center operators need both functionality and ergonomic design, Winsted delivered a dual station sit-stand solution. In this project of the month, Katie McEvoy from our team and Jessie from Winsted's team worked together...

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    Don't Forget the Equipment Rack - Winsted Pro Series II

    Matt Golueke May 19, 2021 13:26 PM

    Often times, we are so consumed with designing the new video management system, command center console, access control system, and other related systems for a project that it is easy to overlook the essential equipment racks necessary to hold the...

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    Webinar: Mission Control Design - What makes the security operations command center work

    Matt Golueke April 9, 2021 12:13 PM

    Mission Control Design - What makes the security operations command center work

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    Winsted Project of the Month - Government Control Center

    Matt Golueke April 5, 2021 13:51 PM

    Joe Barnhart met with a security integrator for a site visit to determine the best furniture design for a government agency's control room. 

    Aside from fitting the room properly, the console was to have a Corian work surface for maximum durability....

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    Monitor Wall Design and Installation Flexibility

    Matt Golueke March 23, 2021 17:47 PM

    Keeping an eye on lots of security cameras or control systems often requires a large bank of monitors mounted for one or more operators to view easily. However, mounting multiple monitors directly to a wall may not be the best option. 


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