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Simplifying the Control Room & Improving Situational Awareness and Essential Ergonomics: A Security Technology Forum 2022 video presentation by Martin O'Donnell and Shawn Brady

Matt Golueke November 2, 2022 22:34 PM

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In this recorded presentation, Martin O'Donnell from Vistacom SecureView and Shawn Brady from Winsted discuss fundamentals as well as technical considerations for designing and modifying security operations centers (SOC) and control rooms of all sizes. In this video presentation, they discuss:

  • Situational awareness
  • Situational blindness
  • Control room lighting
  • Considering the operator
  • Macro vs micro environments
  • Operator viewing angles
  • Viewing distances
  • Scalable console and monitor wall solutions

Martin and Shawn delivered a fantastic presentation that makes you re-consider what an operator is experiencing in front of all of the those monitors for extended periods of time. We hope you explore ways to improve situational awareness to improve safety and security at your facility. Watch here >>


Vistacom SecureView monitor wall solutions here >>

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Winsted console furniture solutions here >>

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Topics: soc, winsted, Control Room, inteox, Security Technology Forum 2022, powered by Bosch, Vistacom SecureView

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