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UPS Backup Power Selection Guide + Line Interactive vs Double Conversion Demystified

Matt Golueke October 13, 2020 16:09 PM

When it comes to security and IT computers, servers, switches, and electronics, it's imperative that critical systems remain powered up, online, and protected from power surge at all times. In this video, Robert Bridenbaugh provides a clear...

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Thermal Imaging Systems and COVID-19

Matt Golueke June 9, 2020 13:54 PM

It should come as no surprise that manufacturers of thermal imaging devices are working to assist employers with getting back to work safely. However, getting clear and accurate guidance is coming from sources outside of the thermal imaging...

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Video Security Client Click-by-Click Tutorial: Login and Add Site

Matt Golueke May 11, 2020 15:10 PM

If you're a first-time user of Bosch's Video Security Client, use this video tutorial to become familiar with how to navigate the first steps when using the application on a PC.

Bonus: we installed a DENI Occupancy Limit and Entrance Control...

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Intelligent Intrusion Detection: Video Analytics with G Series and B Series Intrusion Panels

Ari Erenthal March 4, 2021 3:14 AM

There's an innovative way to add intelligence of your intrusion detection alarm system that allows you to detect very specific behaviors well before or much more specifically than any motion detector or door contact can.

This is one of the most...

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Free Zoom Virtual Backgrounds for Security Professionals

Matt Golueke April 28, 2020 12:26 PM

Working from home can be a challenge. From balancing family demands to setting up the perfect, or least horrible, online meeting background, we're all facing new challenges.

To help you present yourself as professionally as possible during online...

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Explained: Detection Observation Recognition Identification (DORI) for Security Cameras

Matt Golueke April 20, 2020 14:11 PM

Why can't I see who's in my security footage?

That's the question often asked AFTER a crime or serious incident has occurred.

Our team is always keeping DORI in mind when deciding on camera technologies to recommend. We've also facilitated some...

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Continuity of Services and Support

Matt Golueke March 20, 2020 23:23 PM

Our entire team is working safely from their home offices effective Monday, March 23, and remains 100% available to support you and your team via video conference, telephone, and email. All team members are fully enabled to provide the same...

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Design vs Installation: Intrusion Detection Wiring Options, POPITS, and more...

Matt Golueke December 31, 2020 2:22 AM

When an intrusion detection system is designed, the wiring configuration used can vary depending on building size, building use, infrastructure complexity, specifier familiarity with the products, and a wide variety of other considerations. As a...

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Bosch Camera Mount Selection Tool and 8000i Mount Demo Videos

Matt Golueke April 1, 2020 13:06 PM

Having a camera and recording appliance selection guide and an easy-to-use camera mount selection tool can be priceless when working on projects after-hours. Remember, you can always chat with our team online on our website, call our office, or...

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CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT: Fundamentals of Video Surveillance Feb 21, 2020

Matt Golueke December 19, 2019 15:17 PM



Fundamentals of Video Surveillance, held near Philadelphia, includes basics of video surveillance system function and design from IP cameras to high-reliability recording solutions and video analytics with discussions about various...

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