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UPS Backup Power Selection Guide + Line Interactive vs Double Conversion Demystified

Matt Golueke October 13, 2020 16:09 PM

Orion Power Systems Products Collage

When it comes to security and IT computers, servers, switches, and electronics, it's imperative that critical systems remain powered up, online, and protected from power surge at all times. In this video, Robert Bridenbaugh provides a clear comparison between Line interactive UPS and Double Conversion UPS.


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  • Alternating Current waveforms
  • Watts, Volts, and Amps
  • Single Phase Wiring
  • Three Phase Wiring
  • U.S. Plugs and Receptacles
  • Hardwired Installation
  • Most common power problems
  • UPS Systems - answer to power problems
  • Stand-by UPS Systems
  • Line Interactive UPS Systems
  • Double Conversion UPS Systems
  • Ferro Hybrid UPS Systems
  • Questions to ask when selecting a UPS System

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