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    What does encryption and data security mean for access control systems? Watch this video from GSX 2022...

    Matt Golueke October 6, 2022 23:45 PM

    The security of data related to access control credentials remains top of mind for security and information security professionals. Ensuring that the hardware and software used in an access control system are leveraging OSDP V2, MIFARE DESFire EV1,...

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    What do video analytics do for system users? Watch this video from GSX 2022...

    Matt Golueke October 5, 2022 13:15 PM

    If you're a security professional, you, like many, wonder what video analytics can actually do for you and why analytics are more reliable than ever before, bringing new practical applications to system operators. Tom caught up with Matt Cirnigliaro...

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    Training Value and Brand Value: Live-ish from GSX 2022 with Bosch Security Systems

    Matt Golueke October 4, 2022 19:51 PM

    If you wonder why people in the security industry standardize on Bosch motion detectors, request to exit (REX) detectors, and G/B Series alarm panels, listen to what Bosch Security and Safety Systems' Tom Mechler has to say in this video interview...

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    Layered Approach to Perimeter Detection: Live-ish from GSX 2022 with Southwest Microwave

    Matt Golueke October 4, 2022 19:43 PM

    When it comes to deter, detect, deny, delay, and defend, Jeff Drews has some great insights about designing and implementing a layered approach to perimeter intrusion detection solutions.

    Jeff will be presenting alongside John Wekenborg from Bosch...

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    EIZO Video Decoding Solutions: Live-ish from GSX 2022

    Matt Golueke September 26, 2022 15:27 PM

    EIZO offers a reliable range of visual solutions for that are suitable for 24-hour use while providing enhanced features for efficient monitoring and analysis of video in security & surveillance environments. Their portfolio offers the right...

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    Commend - Beyond Intercom: Live-ish from GSX 2022

    Matt Golueke September 19, 2022 14:41 PM

    Commend pushed intercom messages out to SIP VoIP phones years ago. Today, intercom is becoming part of the digital display. The OD22 takes the intercom and merges it with the large-size digital display. This brings dual purpose to a previously...

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    Orion Entrance Control: Live-ish from GSX 2022

    Matt Golueke September 17, 2022 0:56 AM

    Controlling the flow of authorized people and preventing entry by unauthorized visitors from the front door and beyond the lobby is fundamental when it comes to security strategies. While controlling the flow through the lobby has been a hallmark of...

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    Vistacom SecureView Monitor Wall Solutions: Live-ish from GSX 2022

    Matt Golueke September 15, 2022 20:23 PM

    Video walls and displays are playing an increasingly critical role in helping control room operators gather data, assess potential risks, and engage in intelligent, proactive response. Right out of the box, Vistacom SecureView™ provides operators...

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    Winsted Control Room Console Solutions: Live-ish from GSX 2022

    Matt Golueke September 15, 2022 20:24 PM

    Clearing a path to productivity. The result of Winsted's commitment to creating freedom — freedom to focus, to think, to succeed. Sit/stand continuous use technical desks, a furniture system of intelligent ergonomics, become an extension of body and...

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    Azena Camera Applications Open Platform: Live-ish from GSX 2022

    Matt Golueke September 15, 2022 20:25 PM

    Finding new ways to solve security, safety, and operations problems was our mission at GSX 2022. Tom connected with Azena's Andrew Seymour to discuss how their app store and network of 3rd party app developers do just that.

    Watch below as Andrew and...

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