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Orion Entrance Control: Live-ish from GSX 2022

Matt Golueke September 17, 2022 0:56 AM


Controlling the flow of authorized people and preventing entry by unauthorized visitors from the front door and beyond the lobby is fundamental when it comes to security strategies. While controlling the flow through the lobby has been a hallmark of Orion Entrance Control's turnstile offerings, they have moved beyond the lobby to include door and room monitoring with technologies like RADAR and LiDAR.

Watch below as Tom Elliott and Steve Pennington discuss how Orion Entrance Control and the Chesapeake and Midlantic Marketing teams work together to deliver visitor and employee entrance control and secure area presence detection solutions.


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October 25 & 26, 2022

Come see the Orion Entrance Control team to discuss your entrance control and presence detection challenges at the Security Technology Forum 2022, powered by Bosch in the Washington, D.C. region on October 25 & 26, 2022. Get the details and register here >>

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Topics: GSX 2022, Monitor Display, Monitor Wall, Vistacom SecureView

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