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Mark Van Valkenburg

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Construction Cameras Break Through Barriers in Project Management

Mark Van Valkenburg June 13, 2017 0:15 AM

Constructor Magazine outlined and detailed the benefits of cameras on construction sites:

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Are your security system's keyfob signals secure?

Mark Van Valkenburg November 30, 2016 17:06 PM

Security system keyfobs pose a potential risk to your security plan.

Keyfob signals can be "intercepted" and an intruder can deploy a replay attack on your system, allowing an unauthorized person to gain access to your facility.

Although there...

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NIST unveils Internet of Things cyber security guidance

Mark Van Valkenburg November 18, 2016 13:43 PM

NIST Special Publication 800-160.

This Publication, Systems Security Engineering - Considerations for a Multidisciplinary Approach in the Engineering of Trustworthy Secure Systemsoutlines the benefits for the cyber security environment in...

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AVIOTEC Camera Senses Flame & Moving Smoke

Mark Van Valkenburg February 1, 2017 17:33 PM

Smoke and Fire Detection Technology has taken a big step forward.


Using intelligent algorithms in video surveillance, Bosch AVIOTEC can identify smoke and flames as soon as they come into the range of the camera rather than waiting...

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How do you arm up?

Mark Van Valkenburg October 26, 2016 1:15 AM

There are many options for arming your intrusion detection system. Do you know all of the options?

Not all alarm panels offer the entirety of options we'll outline below, so be careful when selecting your next purchase or making your next...

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Retail Boosts Video Analytics Growth

Mark Van Valkenburg October 4, 2016 2:14 AM

MENAFN.com is reporting an expected 20% growth in the video analytics market by 2023 based on market analysis by Transparency Market Research. 

"The report states that the increase in installations of IP cameras and the demand for high-definition...

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Eliminating Telephone Lines in Your Security Solution

Mark Van Valkenburg September 14, 2016 23:07 PM

Eliminate Telephone Lines, Increase Reliability, Save Money

Introducing the B465 Dual Path Communicator

The B465 should be the communicator of choice for upgrading communications on any manufacturers intrusion and fire alarm panels. It allows you...

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Understanding Electrical Fire Hazards at Electric Generating Stations

Mark Van Valkenburg September 2, 2016 1:15 AM

Video-based fire detection can save minutes, property, costs and potentially lives.

Below is an interesting article from Power magazine. This is a great resource for knowledge concerning electrical fire hazards and how to counter them. It also...

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Defining the 16 Critical Infrastructure Sectors

Mark Van Valkenburg April 20, 2020 17:13 PM

Critical infrastructure protection using physical security has been going on for decades. Recently, physical security has become a potential vulnerability for cyber threats within these same facilities.

We've been blogging heavily in recent...

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Advocate for your security programs: avoid being comic relief

Mark Van Valkenburg July 20, 2016 12:28 PM

Internal advocacy for physical security and IT security programs requires a top-down approach.

Keith Lowry had a great article in Federal Times this month that highlights how important leadership is to your security programs.

Keith outlined what...

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