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    Expansion of C•Cure 9000 Integration with Commend Intercom

    Matt Golueke April 13, 2021 0:00 AM

    Commend has expanded their integration with C•CURE 9000 to provide more value and functionality to voice communication solutions. It is now possible to link intercom units to items which are defined in C•CURE 9000: 

    • Solution is able to display...
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    Bosch Access Management System (AMS)

    Ari Erenthal April 20, 2022 20:17 PM

    Bosch's Access Management System (AMS) combines high-end access control features and high-scalability from 1000 to 200,000 users and from 32 to 10,000 doors.

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    Bosch Virtual Certification Classes Announced

    Matt Golueke March 25, 2021 21:05 PM
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