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Mobile Credentials for Bosch Access Management System (AMS) and Visitor Management

Matt Golueke April 26, 2023 14:11 PM

Physical access control (PACS) and visitor management mobile credentials offer a range of advantages to users. They provide convenience, security, and cost savings. They are easy to use, require minimal setup time and eliminate the need for multiple cards or keys to be created and issued. Additionally, they provide a higher level of security than traditional access control methods since they can be remotely revoked in the event of a lost or stolen device. Furthermore, physical access control mobile credentials offer scalability and flexibility. Finally, with the use of physical access control mobile credentials, organizations can save on printing costs as they no longer need to print physical cards or keys for each user.

Steve Pennington stopped by to talk with Ren Baldonado from Bosch for an introduction to Bosch's mobile access credentials solution. Watch here >>


Bosch Access Management System (AMS) at a Glance


Bosch Visitor Management at a Glance


Bosch Mobile Access Credentials at a Glance



Why visitor management image


Advantages for receptionists
In the onboarding view, receptionists create, change, and add visitor data and assign predefined sets of authorizations, such as regular visitor or VIP. Pre-authorization allows visitors to move around the building easily while ensuring sensitive areas remain protected. The onboarding view can be adjusted to individual requirements, ensuring the visitor profile includes all necessary information.


Advantages for the visitor's host
Hosts can pre-register their visitor via the web-based host view, ensuring receptionists are informed ahead of any visitor for a quick and efficient registration process.


Advantages for the visitor
With a self-registration kiosk, first-time visitors can check in when they arrive, shortening front desk contact and wait times. An intuitive kiosk user interface enables visitors to enter data or scan a passport or ID. Additional integration options allow visitors to take a digital photo for a temporary badge and sign on a digital pad.



Technical Information


AMS Visitor Management "how-to" videos


Access Management System (AMS) Expert Technical Training Roadmap 


System Design Assistance





Topics: Access Control, Bosch AMS, Visitor Management System, Bosch Access Management System, Mobile Credentials

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