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Bosch Virtual Certification Classes Announced

Matt Golueke March 25, 2021 21:05 PM

Security Camera Basics: Functionality & Application Mini-Lessons

Matt Golueke March 24, 2021 20:53 PM

In this 7-part video series, Steve Pennington explains fundamental concepts behind how & why specific surveillance cameras are selected & deployed for security and observation applications. Download and follow along with the PowerPoint...

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Monitor Wall Design and Installation Flexibility

Matt Golueke March 23, 2021 17:47 PM

Keeping an eye on lots of security cameras or control systems often requires a large bank of monitors mounted for one or more operators to view easily. However, mounting multiple monitors directly to a wall may not be the best option. 


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What is a Request to Exit (REX or RTE) Detector? Bosch DS150i and DS160 Overview

Ari Erenthal March 22, 2021 18:00 PM

Building codes are written to help balance security, safety, and standard operations. That is, the ability of building owners to keep unauthorized people out while enabling people within the building to exit quickly and easily in case of a fire.


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What is a Door Alarm Sensor or Door Contact?

Ari Erenthal March 18, 2021 13:57 PM

A door alarm sensor is a magnetic device which triggers an intrusion detection alarm control panel when a door is open or closed. It comes in two parts, a magnet and a switch. The magnet is secured to the door, and the switch is connected to a...

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FEMA Nonprofit Security Grant Program

Tom Fontana March 24, 2021 21:09 PM

Fiscal Year 2021 Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP) Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO)

The objective of the NSGP is to provide funding for physical security enhancements and other security-related activities to nonprofit organizations that...

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Winsted Control Room Project of the Month - Multi-industry Global Company

Matt Golueke March 15, 2021 16:13 PM

Securing a company's facility involves many systems, software, and hardware. Expanding that challenge to a global footprint is the ultimate challenge. Bringing all of the systems to a  security operations center is critical to ensuring and...

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Panoramic TriTech Ceiling Mount Motion Detector Overview - Bosch DS9370 and DS9371

Ari Erenthal March 12, 2021 21:24 PM

Wall mounted motion detectors are normally used to monitor the interior spaces of small rooms. Mounting a motion detector in the corner of a room allows you to take advantage of the wedge-shaped detection pattern put out by a typical motion...

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Online Demo Camera Additions

Matt Golueke March 3, 2021 13:24 PM

Joe Barnhart and a few others from our team updated and upgraded our online demo cameras to include three new additions: MIC inteox 7100i, DINION IP thermal 8000, and FLEXIDOME IP starlight 8000i. In the video below, Joe and Matt discuss the new...

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Intercom Solutions That Are Reliable and Cyber-Secure

Matt Golueke February 23, 2021 16:12 PM

When every word and every second matters, you need intercom solutions you can trust, where and when they are needed, no questions asked. Commend is fully aware of their responsibilities as millions of people worldwide rely on their trusted voice...

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