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Bosch Outdoor Housing with Mounted IR Illuminator Configuration

Matt Golueke November 20, 2017 14:16 PM

Providing advice about combining disparate products to create a working solution is a role of a trusted security advisor that considers a wide range of security options that fit an organization's strategic security plan. Advice provided could be...

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It's a Wrap: Site Survey Intrusion Detection

Matt Golueke November 5, 2017 15:16 PM

Site Surveys are important in the security solution design process. There are now more hardware and software options to choose from and the technologies available have become more complex. 

In this video, Shaun Meehan and Ari Erenthal discuss how...

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Panoramic Cameras: No Light & IR Illumination

Matt Golueke November 3, 2017 12:44 PM

Security cameras can produce great images with full illumination, however, as darkness falls imaging quality decreases and facility vulnerability increases.

Watch as we compare Bosch panoramic FlexiDome IP 7000 12MP 180 & 360-degree cameras in...

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Congratulations, Ross!

Matt Golueke October 31, 2017 12:49 PM

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Ross Trovinger and his new bride, Heather!

The MidChes team has a few people who stay out of the limelight of our digital media and Ross is one of them. He supports our sales and marketing efforts by managing the databases...

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Happy Halloween

Matt Golueke October 27, 2017 22:33 PM

We hope you enjoyed our Halloween video

Remember, children will be out on the streets and sidewalks this weekend and next week in dark clothes after nightfall. Please drive slowly and watch out for kids and parents entering roadways between...

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Security Camera Online Demonstration & Pre-recorded Videos

Matt Golueke October 21, 2017 13:15 PM

Watch live video streams or pre-recorded surveillance videos for easy comparison of day versus night lighting as well as various image resolutions here.



Watch Pre-recorded Video Clips Here:



Contact our team for a live...

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The Big Picture: Voice Communication: Commend Intercom

Matt Golueke October 19, 2017 16:40 PM

Voice communication during everyday operations at large facilities, on campuses, or in schools is important. Place that same facility in an emergency, and the communication is critical

What's happening? Where is the emergency? Where do I need...

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Low-light Sensitivity & Dynamic Range: 180/360 Panoramic Security Cameras

Matt Golueke October 18, 2017 14:50 PM

 The quality of the sensor in a panoramic security camera is responsible for the dynamic range and low-light sensitivity.

The usability of a panoramic security camera image is highly dependent on the dynamic range of the sensor. With a panoramic...

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Matt Golueke October 6, 2017 17:45 PM

The newest version of the Security Solutions Quick Guide is now available.

The updated guide includes:

  1. - Video Surveillance Cameras and Recording
  2. - Intrusion Detection and Fire Alarm
  3. - UPS Power Supply Management
  4. - Ethernet Network Switches
  5. -...
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Welcome to the MidChes team, Ari!

Matt Golueke September 17, 2017 16:11 PM

The MidChes team welcomes Ari Erenthal to family!  Ari just came on board a few weeks ago.


Ari Erenthal

  • Specialty: Intrusion Detection, Access Control, Fire Alarm
  • Region: Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC
  • (410) 612-9640
  • [email protected]
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