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Security Camera Selection & Comparison Made Simple: Video Product Selector

Matt Golueke September 9, 2021 2:05 AM

Video Product Selector image-1Wondering which Bosch security camera is best for your project? You have a few options, however two are the best:

  • Contact us for personal assistance
  • Compare online in seconds using the Video Product Selector tool

While contacting our team is the go-to option for most of our partners, some want to work late into the night or simply give it a try themselves. For the latter, the online camera comparison tool, Video Product Selector, is the answer.



The tool allows you to filter options to narrow down model choices:

  • resolution
  • indoor or outdoor
  • IR illumination
  • PTZ or fixed
  • video analytics
  • check out all of the filters here>>




Once your filters are selected, you can then compare several camera options side by side for easy technical comparison. You can even print out a PDF of the comparison for adding to your project files or sharing with customers or colleagues.

                         Video Product Selector image 2


Click here to give it a try >>

Video Product Selector image-1


Ask us to put your parts list together here >>



Topics: MidChes Value Add, Security Camera

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