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    Building Lobby Inspiration: Turnstiles and Tailgating Control by Orion Entrance Control

    Matt Golueke July 18, 2023 13:51 PM

    Having trouble envisioning what your building lobby might look like with modern turnstiles that control entry beyond your lobby? Check out the new 28-page, inspirational Lookbook 2023 from Orion Entrance Control.

    Download here >>

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    DoorGuard™ Tailgating Detection Evaluation Fun at Orion Entrance Control

    Matt Golueke May 4, 2023 19:35 PM

    We visited Orion Entrance Control's headquarters to learn more about the engineering behind DoorGuard™, their tailgating detection solution that leverages LiDAR technology to detect attempts to tailgate or piggyback into a secure area.

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    Glass Swing Arm Turnstile Branding and Security in Your Lobby: Orion Entrance Control SpeedGate™

    Matt Golueke May 4, 2023 17:22 PM

    Lobby turnstiles are a great place for companies and organizations to show off their branding while also creating a more secure environment for employees and visitors. At Orion Entrance Control, Inc., they use digital ceramic glass printing...

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    A Layered Technology Approach to Detecting and Preventing Piggybacking and Tailgating at a Turnstile

    Matt Golueke April 17, 2023 14:38 PM

    Tom Fontana had a chance to learn more about tailgating and piggybacking prevention from a layered technologies approach when he met up with Steve Johnston from Orion Entrance Control recently. Watch their discussion here >>

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    Detect and Prevent Piggybacking / Tailgating at a Turnstile

    Matt Golueke July 18, 2023 13:45 PM

    Piggybacking - a serious threat to an organization's security and safety - occurs when an unauthorized person follows a properly credentialed, authorized employee or other previously vetted individual through a secure entrance without using proper...

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    A Fresh Approach to Security Gates: Full Height Mechanical Turnstiles by Orion Entrance Control

    Matt Golueke February 16, 2023 15:01 PM

    When it comes to full height mechanical turnstiles, it may take quite a bit of news to get excited about the topic. They are generally seen as a commodity component of a comprehensive security strategy. However, Orion Entrance Control has injected...

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    Lidar Spatial Presence Detection: A Security Technology Forum 2022 presentation by Dr. Danny Kent, courtesy of Orion Entrance Control

    Matt Golueke October 31, 2022 21:48 PM

    The Security Technology Forum 2022 has wrapped and now it's time to watch the phenomenal presentations if you were unable to attend, starting with the last from Wednesday afternoon, October 26.

    In this session Dr. Danny Kent, President of MechaSpin,...

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