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Detect and Prevent Piggybacking and Tailgating at an Entrance with LiDAR from Orion Entrance Control: DoorGuard

Matt Golueke April 26, 2024 14:15 PM

Piggybacking - a serious threat to an organization's security and safety - occurs when an unauthorized person follows a properly credentialed, authorized employee or other previously vetted individual through a secure entrance without using proper credentials. This is a common problem in building lobbies and fenced perimeters such as warehouses or distribution centers and office buildings or data centers. 

Tom caught up with Jonathan Keeney for a demonstration of a small LiDAR device, DoorGuard, that detects tailgating and piggybacking at any door, turnstile, or entrance. Check it out here >>


By adding a small LiDAR detection device - DoorGuard - to the top of or overhead a turnstile (as shown in the picture to the right where the red arrow is located) and integrating it into the access control system, a bad actor can be detected and prevented from proceeding through the turnstile. As you will see in the fourth segment of the short demonstration video, Orion Entrance Control's DoorGuard device detects the second person while only one credential is presented which stops the turnstile from rotating.

Check out this short demonstration video by Orion Entrance Control which manufacturers not only turnstiles, but also devices designed to make turnstile designs and installations even more secure.


What are the risks of not implementing an integrated anti-piggbacking solution?

  1. Increased risk of theft

Criminals piggybacking through turnstiles have the opportunity to steal valuables from inside the building or secure space. When the assumption is that everyone who has passed through the turnstile is allowed to be in the space, they can easily blend in with the crowd and target areas with valuable assets which can result in the loss of valuable equipment, personal belongings, and sensitive information.

  1. Physical harm

Piggybacking can pose a significant physical threat to the people inside the building or on the property. Criminals may attempt to sabotage the building's infrastructure, leading to physical harm to individuals and damage to property.

  1. Reputation damage

Criminal activity in a building can result in reputational damage for the organization. News of a security breach or criminal activity can spread quickly, leading to negative press and damage to the organization's reputation. 


Technology Details

DoorGuard Tailgating Detectors >>

DoorGuard image


Full Height Turnstiles >>

Full Height Mechanical Turnstile


Optical Turnstiles >>

Swing Glass SpeedGate


Request a demonstration >>








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