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Panoramic Cameras: 180 vs 360 Decision

Matt Golueke October 18, 2017 13:51 PM

Panoramic 180 vs 360 Decision.png

Security professionals are often implementing panoramic security cameras for a variety of reasons:

  • Reduce camera count
  • Reduce VMS licensing fees
  • Eliminate "blind spots"

Our team spent the afternoon at a fire station to discuss applications where panoramic cameras are a good solution and to watch the cameras in action. We're seeing great applications of this technology in areas such as:

  • parking garages
  • intersecting hallways
  • money counting rooms
  • stairwells
  • cafeterias
  • gymnasiums

Steve Pennington and Tom Fontana set up a few cameras with the help of the rest of the team to show the difference between a 180 degree cameras versus a 360 degree camera.


Watch more videos to learn more on our dedicated panoramic camera web portal:



Learn more and download Site Survey: Video Surveillance

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Contact our team to schedule a camera demonstration

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Bosch IP Solution Guide

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Bosch FlexiDome 7000 Series Panoramic Cameras

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