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ON SALE NOW: BDH-7500 Outdoor Housing for Bosch 12mp Panoramic Camera

Matt Golueke October 13, 2016 15:36 PM


The BHD-7500 outdoor housing for the Bosch 12mp panoramic is now available for sale online!

The MidChes online store launched featuring the specialty dome housing, available as a standalone unit or in various kits which make ordering easier for various mounting configurations. You'll also see a small handful of additional accessories for Bosch products on the site. Trust us, there's more to come! 

More on the BDH-7500 outdoor housing...

High resolution with wide field of view is a primary "wish list" item for security professionals.

Bosch recently released their 12 megapixel panoramic camera (7000 Series model) for indoor applications. Now, a 3rd party solution is available from Chesapeake and Midlantic Marketing that allows this exceptional camera to be deployed outdoors: introducing the BDH-7500 outdoor housing.

Below, Nick Hoyt describes the housing and talks about some of the features and benefits of this new outdoor housing and its mounting accessories.




Check out the Bosch 12mp panoramic camera here:

Bosch 12mp Panoramic 7000 Series information here



Learn more about panoramic imaging technology here




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