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Ideal Solution for Everyday Surveillance Applications: Bosch FLEXIDOME micro 3100i

Matt Golueke March 21, 2024 20:54 PM


Recently, Steve, Tom, Brad, Joe, and several others from our team took a few days from meetings and put the new Bosch FLEXIDOME micro 3100i through a few evaluations. When these micro dome cameras were released, the need to compare full-formfactor options to the ultra-small micro dome style became apparent. And while these low profile cameras pack a punch, it's important to know what to expect from them when it comes to installation, performance, and cost. In this video, Steve and Tom highlight specific benefits of this camera series that they found over a few days of evaluations...


In the following two videos, Joe and Brad describe two scenarios that are very common for security practitioners: a common building entrance lobby use case and a vehicle entry gate application.

NOTE: be sure to set your YouTube settings to the highest resolution when playing the demonstration videos.

Vehicle Entry Gate


Building Entrance Lobby


Consider these important points before making a purchase decision:

  • mounting options: where can it be realistically be mounted



  • lens options: field of view - wide angle versus telephoto
  • analytics: advanced alarming capabilities in the camera

  • resolution: image clarity - 1080p versus 5MP

  • power: PoE versus local power

  • network connectivity: Cat 6 versus fiber optic

  • demonstration: will your representative come TO YOUR FACILITY to do a proof of concept demonstration? Schedule your proof of concept demonstration at support@midches.com 

  • lower cost: micro dome cameras tend to cost less than full-featured cameras



Below are additional demonstration examples to get an idea of what to expect...

NOTE: be sure to set your YouTube settings to the highest resolution when playing the demonstration videos.

Stairwell Demonstration

See related FLEXIDOME panoramic 5100i stairwell demonstrations here >>





Elevator Demonstration

See related FLEXIDOME corner 7100i option here >>



Lobby Entrance Demonstration


Lens Comparison in a Hallway


Lens Comparison Outdoors


General Overview Demonstration


FLEXIDOME micro 3100i Flyer

FLEXIDOME micro 3100i flyer image


Here are the technical documents...


Want to get pricing? Ask us for a quote: support@midches.com 









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