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See an Entire Small Room with Audio and IR: FLEXIDOME corner 7100i IR

Matt Golueke March 25, 2024 20:03 PM



The Bosch team has been supplying us with a wide variety of new options for video surveillance. Now, the new FLEXIDOME corner 7100i IR is in our crosshairs. First, Steve and Tom give a great overview of the benefits of this camera and provide a host of technical details that will matter not only to end users, but to installers as well >> 


Steve, Brad, Tom, Kevin, and Joe put this camera through its paces recently, revealing some pleasant surprises to the team. Watch here as Steve and Brad discuss their findings in this demonstration video >>

  • NOTE: be sure to set your YouTube settings to the highest resolution when playing the demonstration video.


The FLEXIDOME corner 7100i IR is a discreet and vandal-resistant corner mount camera, featuring an anti-ligature (no-grip) design. The device provides a detailed and complete overview of any room with no blind spots, and the smart invisible IR keeps image quality consistent even in complete darkness or low
lighting conditions. These allow 24/7 effective surveillance in high risk and vandal prone applications. The camera has an IK10+ 50J design to protect itself against vandalism. Additionally, with its wide range of inputs and outputs, such as Alarm and Audio, it can be even used for more interactive


Built-in AI based Intelligent Video Analytics enriches full situational awareness and triggers relevant alerts creating a sense of security and comfort for environments that are highly dangerous and stressful. Intelligent Audio Analytics gives meaning to the sounds it captures, for example, the camera can
differentiate a gunshot from a random loud noise.

Corner-mount, anti-ligature, and vandal-resistant design The hardware design allows a perfectly flush fit into the corner of a room securing an anti-ligature (no grip) install protecting it from attempts to detach or disable the camera. An elevated housing allows for up to 10 cm (4 in) of space behind the camera to accommodate a single gang box and to hide additional wiring.



To withstand and survive a harsh and aggressive environment, the camera is equipped with a hard shell capable of handling direct heavy impacts up to IK10+ 50J (IK11), and tight sealed installation for IP66 water resistance to enable the use of pressures washers for maintaining the camera clear view. 6MP resolution with no blind spots With high-resolution 6 MP images, the camera provides a high level of detail over the 131° field of view. By offering a 4:3 aspect ratio, the image is optimized to view an entire room from wall to wall and ceiling to floor. It offers 30 fps to ensure real-time motion in your scenes.


FLEXIDOME corner 7100i IR Data Sheet

FLEXIDOME 7100i IR Corner data sheet


Demonstration, System Design, and Pricing Assistance





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