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4G LTE Cellular Communicator Announcement

Ari Erenthal August 14, 2018 13:38 PM

B443_imageThe just released B444 Conettix 4G LTE plug-in cellular communicator enables two-way IP central station communication over the Verizon 4G LTE cellular network.

The B444 plugs into compatible Bosch products, including the B/G Series Control Panels, B465 Universal Dual Path Communicator, and the B450 Plug-in Communicator Interface making installation fast and easy for dealers and integrators while saving end users money and ensuring the best coverage and the most longevity possible.

The benefits of using the B444 include:

  • Two-way reporting to a central monitoring station over the Verizon 4G LTE cellular network
  • Simple and reliable path for remote configuration, service and diagnostics
  • Compatibility with Bosch Remote Connect Cloud Service further simplifies the cellular connection
  • Reduced costs for the end user by eliminating the need for dedicated phone lines
  • Easily program personal notifications via text messages or email to end users
  • Remote Security Control app enables remote command and control of end user systems with a mobile device

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Installer Details

The B444 requires a Bosch Service Agreement with Bosch Installer Services. If a you do not have an existing account with Installer Services (installerservices.boschsecurity.com), a Bosch associate can assist with the Installer Services sign-up process. Email: installer.services@us.bosch.com or call 800-269-0096, option 6.

For successful operation of the new LTE module, a firmware update is required for the products in the table below.


B444 Compatible Version

Current Shipping Version

RPS Version





B/G Series Panel








As previously announced, the B444 communicator replaces both the B440 (3G) and B441 (2G) communicators. Support for installed B440 and B441 will continue until December 31, 2022.

List of successor products:

Part number



Plug-in cellular module, VZW LTE, hot


Plug-in cell module, VZW LTE, cold





Learn about Bosch alarm control panels


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