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    Matt Golueke

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    A Tradition of Innovation in Healthcare

    Matt Golueke June 24, 2022 20:34 PM

    Commend International helps healthcare organizations realize comprehensive security at every turn. Their voice intercom technology allows providers to leverage a single unified communication platform that supports secure use cases, including...

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    White Paper: Building Truly Secure Access Control Systems

    Matt Golueke June 20, 2022 19:52 PM

    Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) are mission-critical to enterprises. They ensure the control, monitoring and safety of buildings and restricted areas. Any vulnerability could mean unauthorized physical access to critical areas, thus...

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    Inverted Mount 1-1/2in NPT Adapter for Bosch MIC: BMT-MICINV-12ALW

    Matt Golueke June 16, 2022 17:24 PM

    Need to mount a Bosch MIC camera inverted from a 1-1/2” NPT threaded pipe? Many highway, bridge, and tunnel applications as well as critical infrastructure and petrochemical projects require this capability for fixed and camera lowering systems. We...

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    Bosch Camera to Electrical Box Compatibility Guide

    Matt Golueke June 13, 2022 21:03 PM

    We are often asked about camera mounting. And we've done a lot of videos talking about mounting options, especially with the new varieties of cameras like the FLEXIDOME starlight 8000i series. In the video below, Joe and Steve discuss the challenge...

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    K-12 Security Resource Kit Updated

    Matt Golueke June 8, 2022 16:35 PM

    Our K-12 Security Resource Kit, originally complied in 2015, has been updated.  We hope you find these new FREE resources to be useful in creating a safe and secure learning environment.

    Download the K-12 Security Resource Kit here >>

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    New Bosch IP Video Product Selection Guide Released - May 2022

    Matt Golueke June 6, 2022 20:12 PM

    The latest Bosch Video Product Overview guide is now available for download. Easily navigate the full solution offering of:

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    WATCH: What are 3 key components of a Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)?

    Matt Golueke June 1, 2022 13:55 PM

    Last week, we discussed three key technologies commonly included in perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS): fence disturbance detection, buried cable system detection, and microwave detection. Tim Claus, from Southwest Microwave, broke down...

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    New AUTODOME 7100i PTZ (Gen6) Camera by Bosch - Proof of Concept Demonstration

    Matt Golueke June 9, 2022 12:37 PM

    This week, our team had an opportunity to show off the next-generation AUTODOME inteox 7100i (Gen 6). We put it side-by-side the current AUTODOME (7000i) to see how the resolution and zoom capabilities matched up. We were very impressed at the image...

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    FEMA Nonprofit Security Grant Program (FY 2022 NSGP) Documents and Webinar Schedule

    Matt Golueke May 17, 2022 0:00 AM


    FEMA has released helpful information, several webinar dates, and the Subapplicant Quick Start Guide regarding the Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP) for FY 2022. 

    Included in this download are:

    • Subapplicant Quick Start Guide
    • Program FAQs
    • ...
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    Upcoming Video Surveillance Technology Solution Webinars

    Matt Golueke May 16, 2022 12:41 PM

    Please join for a series of webinars on Bosch's latest solutions. Select your topic(s) of interest, enter your information, and register for free at the link below.


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