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Matt Golueke

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Top 10 Security Topics of 2020

Matt Golueke December 30, 2020 17:01 PM

In 2020 we saw a lot of security topic research that we didn't expect when the year started...

Topping the list was a post we wrote describing the 16 Critical Infrastructure categories, which was likely due to the COVID-19 pandemic impact on the...

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Proof of Concept Demonstration: Adjustable Tilt Mounts for Bosch Panoramic Cameras

Matt Golueke December 3, 2020 16:48 PM

Our new adjustable tilt mounts for Bosch FLEXIDOME panoramic 5000, 6000, and 7000 series cameras are ideal for adjusting and optimizing the field of view to:

  • simple, forgiving installation solution
  • flexible option for specifiers, installers,...
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Prevent Unauthorized Network Access by Disabling Active Ports: Port Guardian

Matt Golueke October 30, 2020 0:00 AM

Let's take a look at a cybersecurity feature that allows you to lock down your network switch to prevent unauthorized network access.

ComNet products have a feature called Port Guardian which is a simple, effective way to prevent unauthorized...

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Advanced Video Analytics with Bosch and Milestone Systems - Webinar

Matt Golueke November 6, 2020 13:38 PM

Because of the deep integration of Bosch IP cameras with Milestone, you can receive specific Video Analytics events like line-crossing, object-in-field or any of the other 16 alarm tasks that are exposed in XProtect.


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Thursday, November...

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Establishing a Threat Definition - On-demand Webinar

Matt Golueke October 28, 2020 13:30 PM

Establishing a threat definition (low, medium, high) involves evaluating intruder skill and level of consequence at a site to determine the selection of the ideal perimeter security solution. Perimeter security can include a single technology or...

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#1 Best Selling 24/7 Dispatch Chair by Miller at Work: Felix

Matt Golueke October 27, 2020 14:24 PM

Seating satisfaction among dispatchers and control room staff is one of the most challenging problems that organizations face. However, Miller at Work is dedicated to ending that challenge for dispatch managers. "The Felix high back chair with...

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Adjustable Tilt Mounts for Bosch Panoramic Cameras

Matt Golueke October 26, 2020 13:20 PM

Adjustable tilt mounts for Bosch panoramic 5000, 6000, and 7000 series cameras are now available. These mounts are ideal for adjusting the field of view to reduce ceiling or sky and increase viewing the area below the camera on the ground or...

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Top Considerations When Designing an Ergonomic Control Room

Matt Golueke October 15, 2020 15:57 PM

Winsted produced an 8-page planning guide for control room design considerations.

Put simply, a control room is a place where a facility or service can be monitored and controlled. While the equipment in the control room is essential to...

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New Product Line: Miller at Work - 24/7 Dispatch Chairs & Seating

Matt Golueke October 14, 2020 22:55 PM

MidChes is proud to announce representation of Miller at Work 24/7 dispatch chairs and seating solutions.

Miller at Work is a manufacturer of new seating solutions with strong industry bloodlines. Building on decades of success as Miller Desk – a...

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UPDATED: Security Solutions Quick Guide

Matt Golueke October 16, 2020 14:05 PM

Comprehensive Security and Communication Solutions

NEW in this Edition:
  • Expanded UPS Selection Guide
  • Expanded 24/7 Dispatch Seating
  • IP Decoder and IP Monitor Solutions
  • Access Management System (AMS)
  • Expanded Console Furniture Selection Guide
  • ...
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