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New Applications for Panoramic 180° and 360° Security Cameras

Matt Golueke January 16, 2019 14:15 PM

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In this video, Tom, Joe, Ari, and Rick discuss additional applications and considerations for using panoramic 180° and 360° security cameras:

  • Down-angle mounting
  • Ceiling and mounting height
  • Warped versus dewarped images
  • Single-camera coverage
  • VMS licensing
  • Blind spots

Watch the discussion here >>>


Steve and Tom discuss the difference between 180° and 360° camera images:


Learn more about 180° stairwell surveillance here >>>

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Angled Mounting Recommended

Angled demo mounting image

In the first video, you might have noticed that the panoramic camera required a down angle mounting orientation in order to capture the extreme vertical field of view. Consider MidChes angle mounts and vandal resistant housings for these applications. Below, Tom and Nick demonstrate the capabilities of angled mount systems:

Learn more here:

 dome_housing-small    BMT-70A10 10-degree Fixed Angle Mount image     BMT-75T45 -- 5-45degree Pano image         


Bosch FlexiDome Panoramic 7000 Details:


Learn more about panoramic security cameras here:

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