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Stairwell Surveillance: Panoramic 180° vs Conventional Dome

Matt Golueke January 11, 2019 17:08 PM

Panoramic stairwell comparison thumbnail 1

Security professionals are deploying video surveillance in more locations throughout their buildings. Stairwells have historically been challenging environments to view with traditional security cameras for a variety of reasons:

  • concrete/fireproofing construction limits access for cables and conduit
  • expensive installation
  • confined area requires multiple cameras for complete coverage
  • high dynamic range challenges with windows and dark corners in the same field of view
  • multiple cameras = multiple VMS licenses

With advancements in camera technologies to include panoramic 180° capabilities, it was time to test the capabilities of a panoramic camera versus a conventional dome camera in a stairwell environment.

  • panoramic cameras can displace one or more conventional cameras, decreasing installation time, labor costs, conduit, and cable runs
  • panoramic cameras allow for viewing areas that formerly required two or more cameras
  • panoramic cameras can perform in demanding lighting environments
  • panoramic cameras require only one IP address

Watch as Steve, Tom, and Nick discuss the challenges and solutions as they view side by side video footage from a conventional dome camera and a panoramic 180° camera:


Angled Mounting Required

Angled demo mounting image

In the first video, you might have noticed that the panoramic camera required a down angle mounting orientation in order to capture the extreme vertical field of view. Consider MidChes angle mounts and vandal resistant housings for these applications. Below, Tom and Nick demonstrate the capabilities of angled mount systems:

Learn more here:

 dome_housing-small    BMT-70A10 10-degree Fixed Angle Mount image     BMT-75T45 -- 5-45degree Pano image         


Bosch FlexiDome Panoramic 7000 Details:


Learn more about panoramic security cameras here:

180 vs 360 panoramic video thumbnail




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