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Voice Communication During Emergencies

Matt Golueke January 3, 2019 17:07 PM

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In the short excerpt below, we discuss the importance of voice communication during emergencies during our security consultation discussion with Ben Gollotti. When it comes to getting expert security planning advice and solution design assistance, there's a lot to consider. Our team met with Ben Gollotti of LARGO Consulting Services to discuss the challenges end users face and the solutions available.

Watch or listen to the entire panel discussion here:

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Commend voice communication and intercom solutions fully support ASHEPARActive Shooter Hostile Event Preparedness And Response.

Establishing communication action plans for life-critical situations helps protect vulnerable individuals and contain the threat when every second counts.

Get answers to important questions:

  • ASHEPAR explained
  • Why risk mitigation is so important
  • How to use NFPA 3000 as a guideline
  • How to find compliant security equipment
  • IRP: Functionality and added value for everyday situations
  • 7 important hints for security managers

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