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    Cyber Security for Video Surveillance: Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow: Rick Bennett & David Brent Discuss

    Matt Golueke February 17, 2023 15:58 PM

    In this video, Rick Bennett joins David Brent, Senior Cyber/ Data Security Technical Instructor at Bosch, to briefly discuss the state of cyber security threats and how Bosch has, is, and will be addressing key topics like Zero Trust, 802.1x,...

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    MD Governor Issues Cybersecurity Emergency Directive for Electronic Security and Other Devices: Remove Prohibited Products and Platforms (Emergency Directive 2022-12-001)

    Matt Golueke December 8, 2022 15:39 PM

    The federal government's focus on NDAA as related to security devices is spreading. Yesterday, Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland announced the Emergency Directive 2022-12-001 which not only restricts implementation of certain components contained...

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    Bridging the cyber security gap starts with relationships and education...meet CAMI

    Matt Golueke December 7, 2022 18:32 PM

    Our team is continually on the lookout for ways to ensure our partners become and remain cyber secure, especially when it comes to the risks involved in deploying hundreds of security cameras and intercom stations on their networks.

    Today, we...

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    Bosch Cameras Achieve Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 2900-2-3 Level 2 Cybersecurity Certification

    Matt Golueke November 30, 2022 21:11 PM

    As a result of Bosch's sustained cybersecurity efforts, their cameras have achieved Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 2900-2-3 Level 2 cybersecurity certification. This certification confirms that Bosch performs the necessary penetration testing and...

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    Cyber Security in 2022 and Bosch Mitigation Strategies: a Security Technology Forum 2022 video presentation

    Matt Golueke November 18, 2022 15:13 PM


    In this session, David Brent discusses the state of cyber threats in 2022 to the security industry, how Bosch is handling the evolving threats, and what you and your IT department can do with your system to mitigate risks to your organization's...

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    Unparalleled cyber security for voice and intercom communication: Commend

    Matt Golueke February 3, 2022 12:00 PM


    When the IT-manager raises the question: “You said Cyber Security is your core competence. How can you prove it?”, answer with trust.commend.com when it comes to voice communication and intercom.

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    Cyber-secure, Reliable VMS Appliances for Video Surveillance: Razberi Introduction

    Matt Golueke May 24, 2021 11:30 AM

    Brad and the rest of the MidChes team are known for getting well beyond data sheet level knowledge about security, network, and voice communication solutions we represent. He recently ran a Razberi combination video surveillance server and network...

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    Secure and Reliable VMS Appliances for Video Surveillance: Razberi

    Matt Golueke May 17, 2021 11:30 AM

    Reliable and Secure Appliances for Video Storage, Health, & Cyber Security: Razberi

    Matt Golueke May 13, 2021 14:54 PM

    Bosch Virtual Certification Classes Announced

    Matt Golueke March 25, 2021 21:05 PM
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