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Tech Talk: Blue Light Alerting

Matt Golueke June 1, 2020 14:48 PM

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Imagine having a simple way to draw attention to a specific area, customer service desk, or retail checkout without having to cause a scene or alert additional offsite resources. You likely already have this capability and don't realize the benefits of using it in your operation.

A solution like this is ideal for large retail stores, customer service centers, and other applications where assistance from on-site security or customer service may be helpful at a specific area.

This functionality used to be very popular, however was difficult to implement and wasn’t easy to change once it was installed.  Bosch intrusion detection alarm control panels make it more flexible for end users and installers.

Ari and Katie discuss blue light alerting applications in Part 1 and then Ari goes a bit deeper in Part 2 about design considerations...

Tech Talk Part 1: Blue Light Alerting Overview




Tech Talk Part 2: Blue Light Alerting Design Considerations


3 System Designs for Bosch Blue Light Alerting Systems

  • Home Run (closed contact)
    • Run a wire from each sensor to the panel or to expansion modules
    • Good when sensors aren’t physically close to the wiring cabinet
  • Hub and Spoke
    • Use expansion modules on the bus or expansion module
    • Run all sensors back to wiring cabinet on each floor
    • Good option for large buildings
    • Every floor has an expansion module (hub), wires go from the hub out to the sensors (spokes)
  • Addressable
    • Good for physically large building with low density of sensors (where there is no good place to put a hub)
    • Use popits - wire run from panel to first sensor then to the next sensor
    • Each device would have a popit
    • Last popit in the line gets an EOL resistor
    • The entire loop is wired into a popex
    • Every popex can address up to 100 popits
    • B9512G can hold 6 popits


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