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Security Project Assistant App

Matt Golueke October 24, 2018 11:00 AM

Matt and Troy intetrview project assistant

The planning, configuration, installation and reporting of a video security project involves multiple tools and extensive man hours to complete and document the process, so it’s difficult for system integrators to manage various projects through each phase. 

Matt Golueke gets out from behind the MidChes camera and joins Troy in front of the Bosch interview camera to discuss benefits of the new Project Assistant App. Watch here:

Designed and developed by Bosch Security Systems to assist system integrators, the Project Assistant app is available to download for free from various App stores for installation on desktop, tablet and smartphone devices, and works on Apple, Windows and Google platforms.

Bosch wanted it to be accessible to everyone, because everyone should be benefiting from the control, transparency and efficiency made possible by the Project Assistant app at every phase of a video security project. Now, project set-up and pre-configuration can start in the office without the physical camera. Only the project plans, IP addresses and a password from the client are required for the system integrator to create a new project via the app (or an Excel-compatible file format), with the option to set up per camera, or multiple cameras at once.

Learn more about Bosch Project Assistant App here:

Bosch Project Assistant web image



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