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Panoramic Security Cameras with Bosch Divar Network/Hybrid Recorder

Matt Golueke January 8, 2018 16:42 PM

Panoramic with Divar Network-Hybrid 3000-5000 thumbnail 2.png

Viewing ultra-high resolution panoramic security cameras recorded on an entry-level network video recorder (NVR) system is for small to medium size systems operated by security professionals who demand comprehensive situational awareness and video evidence collection.

In the demonstration below, the Bosch Divar Network/Hybrid Recorder is used in conjunction with a high-performance workstation to view Bosch 360 & 180-degree panoramic security cameras.


More about the Bosch Divar Hybrid/Network NVR:


Demonstration Equipment Line Diagram

Panoramic with Divar Network 3000 Diagram.pngclick to enlarge


Alternate Network Configurations

Panoramic with Divar Network 3000 Diagram Option 2.pngclick to enlarge

Panoramic with Divar Network 3000 Diagram Option 3.pngclick to enlarge


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