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New Bosch training certification levels are coming in 2023!

Matt Golueke December 14, 2022 22:54 PM


Bosch is pleased to announce that a brand-new certification concept will arrive at your doorstep in the beginning of 2023. The new concept will bring some significant changes in terms of content and structure.

Introducing TECHNICAL and COMMERCIAL 2-track options!

In addition to the legacy technical class focus, Bosch will introduce commercial certifications on Expert and Master level to better empower your staff and complement the existing technical certification programs. Focusing on dedicated product families, students can expect how to translate technical features into real customer benefits, better understand our sales value propositions, and learn more about the solutions Bosch offers in specific market situations.  

Streamlining Bosch’s existing technical certification programs, they will offer two certification programs on Expert and Master level instead of three. The former Professional certification path will be integrated into the expert level program and ensure that officially Bosch certified partners have a profound knowledge beyond system features. Bosch aims to provide utmost customer satisfaction by shortened implementation times and easier installation of our systems. As already today, the Master level will go even deeper and encompass more complex system configurations, multi-networked systems, troubleshooting and basic error findings. 

Overpower your knowledge! 
We hope you enjoy Bosch’s more efficient and effective certification structure and look forward to serving you with all your Bosch security solutions needs. 

Access the Bosch Training Academy >>


Learn more about the new Bosch certification paths >>



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