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NEW: AUTODOME IP starlight 7000i cameras

Matt Golueke January 17, 2020 16:00 PM

AUTODOME IP starlight 7000i Release Image


The AUTODOME IP family of moving cameras has been updated with the new AUTODOME IP starlight 7000i.

This successor of the AUTODOME IP starlight 7000 HD offers starlight technology (down to 0.0077 lux) and built-in Intelligent Video Analytics featuring Video Analytics while moving and Camera Trainer. It comes with a three-year warranty that includes moving parts. In addition, Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction and intelligent streaming, combined with H.265 compression reduce bitrate by up to 80% depending on the scene. It is ideal for traffic monitoring or applications that require coverage of large areas, such as city surveillance, airports and government buildings.

Video Analytics while moving

AUTODOME IP starlight 7000i IVA video thumbnailAUTODOME IP starlight 7000i offers Video Analytics while moving, which alerts an operator or triggers the camera’s Intelligent Tracking feature when a moving object or person is detected - even while the camera is panning, tilting or zooming. If an object is detected, Intelligent Tracking - triggered by a pre-defined alarm rule or a simple click - provides optimal capture of the moving object by dynamically adjusting the field of view.

Watch the video to learn more >>  Note: Video was captured with a MIC IP camera, which also offers this feature.


The next step in Video Analytics

Camera Trainer imageCamera Trainer functionality, the next step in Video Analytics, is featured on the new AUTODOME IP starlight 7000i. This machine learning capability substantially improves the level of security for people and property, and also opens up new customized applications and uses for Video Analytics. For example, video cameras can be taught to recognize and detect stationary objects or certain situations instead of being triggered by motion alone.

Learn how Camera Trainer can streamline your operations here >>


Excellent image quality and housing

AUTODOME IP starlight 7000i imageThe AUTODOME IP starlight 7000i offers Bosch’s starlight technology as standard, 1080p resolution, and a frame rate of 30 fps. This enables the capture of highly detailed color images in scenes with minimum ambient light (down to 0.0077 lux). The excellent image quality of the AUTODOME IP starlight 7000i is backed by an optional rugged bubble that withstands high-impact (IK10), humid situations (IP66), and temperatures ranging from -40°F to +131°F.

Get the technical details here >>



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