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Meet More Bosch Technology Forum Presenters: Tom Mechler, Edward Colton, & Sean Shallenberger

Matt Golueke October 4, 2021 20:44 PM

Last week we introduced you to David Brent and Joel White, both presenters at the upcoming Bosch Technology Forum on October 19 & 20 in Alexandria, VA. Today, we introduce Tom Mechler, Edward Colton, and Sean Shallenberger. And, aside from their presentations at the event, they will each be available in the exhibit area to discuss your applications in more detail.


Meet Tom Mechler, Product Marketing Manager

Intrusion detection system technology has evolved to provide solutions beyond simply catching the burglar. Attend Tom’s presentation and learn about new applications that help secure your facility with advanced integration and encryption technologies. Additionally, Tom will be at the intrusion detection exhibit on Wednesday to discuss specific ways to use Bosch alarm panels to improve and expand upon how they are implemented at your facility.


Meet Edward Colton, Applications Design Specialist 

Bosch has plenty of "Best Kept Secrets" available to end users and installers of Bosch security solutions. In his presentation, Edward will discuss the top 5 applications and resources available from Bosch that you may not be leveraging currently. Plus, in the exhibit area, Edward will have a display with connectivity to all these tools during the entire two day event.


Meet Sean Shallenberger, Director of National Sales, Installed Audio

Sound and voice communication are becoming more prevalent in security solutions and overall building design. Sean will join us at the Bosch Technology Forum to present information about the depth and breadth of Bosch audio solutions. At the event we will be utilizing Bosch audio solutions for message delivery in the exhibit area and the Dicentis conferencing system during the two days of technology presentations to ensure that everyone can hear the presentations and questions from the audience clearly. Sean will be available both days for deeper conversations about the many benefits of choosing Bosch for your audio projects.


Plus, connect with special guest, Jennie Juda, Bosch Government Business Administrator, while you are at the Bosch Technology Forum to learn more about the Bosch GSA contract.







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