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OnGuard by LenelS2 and Bosch G Series & B Series Panels - Why It Matters

Matt Golueke October 21, 2019 16:01 PM

OnGuard Integration thumbnail

LenelS2 announced their OnGuard integration to Bosch G and B Series alarm control panels to the OnGuard (7.5 Update 1) access control platform. Bosch B9512G, B8512G, B6512, B5512, B4512, and B3512 are included in the integration documentation provided by LenelS2. Katie and Ari discuss why systems integration matters in the video below >>

The chart below depicts the maximum number of device types attached to a specific Bosch panel that can be supported by OnGuard integration (7.5 Update 1).

Bosch G-B Series Points Doors Areas etc for Lenel blog


Download the OnGuard integration announcement here >>

Llenel integration to Bosch G series 8-2019


Learn about setting expectations for integrated solutions here >>

Integration of Security Systems


Learn about Bosch G and B Series Alarm Panels here >>

Bosch alarm panel question


Request system design assistance from Ari >>

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