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Integration of Security Systems

Matt Golueke July 13, 2017 23:01 PM


System integration is intended to simplify user operation, especially during an emergency.

While the goal is user simplicity, integration of the systems can be quite complex. Seeking advice from trusted advisers is critical. Performing a thorough project site survey is a great place to get started. In this video, Steve Pennington and Nick Hoyt discuss key concepts related to system integration.

  • Conducting a system site survey
  • Systems types typically integrated together
  • Contact closure integration
  • Software based integration
  • System functionality & setting user/owner expectations
  • Use of static & dynamic site maps & diagrams versus device trees
  • PSIM management software
  • Primary versus secondary systems
  • Licensing, programming, & hardware cost considerations
  • Importance of working with trusted advisors

Integration and Software Links


Site Survey - Video Surveillance Cover Image 3-2017 SPIRAL.pngConducting a thorough site survey for your project is critical. Asking questions about the details starts here.

This Site Survey guide will get you started. Inside you'll find questions about the overall expectations of the video surveillance system, camera types, mounting methods, cable infrastructure, IT network considerations, command center console logistics, and much more.

After you have completed the Site Survey, email it to support@midches.com and we'll get started on your project design and parts list immediately. 

Use this Site Survey guide as the first step in your solution design:


The guide above is Step 6 of a 10-Step process: Check out the other steps here.


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Topics: Integration

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