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Webinar - Keeping Video Data Secure

Matt Golueke April 6, 2020 12:29 PM

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Webinar Announcement - The security of your surveillance data is just as important as the people and premises you are safeguarding. Bosch’s system approach is the key to achieving the highest standards in end-to-end data security. April 9, 2020 1pm ET

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IP cameras and other devices present a network penetration risk

Reputable and trusted security manufacturers, like Bosch Security Systems, are meeting IT's cyber security demands. Watch here:



What are executives, Chief Information Officers, and security professionals worried about?

We sat down with Bosch Security Systems' Network Video and Cyber Security Training Engineer, David Brent, to discuss how cyber security vulnerability across the electronic security system industry can impact businesses, organizations, and government.

Locking down all the devices beyond simple password protection is critically important. Applying passwords comes after selecting a trusted security manufacturer and as the first step of many when locking down IP cameras and other electronic security devices.

Target had a data security breach which compromised 40 million customer records. Craft and hobby store, Michaels, has 2.6 million records stolen. The University of Maryland had 300,000 records stolen. 20,000 patient records were stolen from Standford Hospital. Federal records show that the U.S. Federal Reserve detected more than 50 cyber security breaches between 2011 and 2015, including several incidents considered to be espionage, according to the Security Industry Association story. The Fed’s cyber security team logged 310 incident reports during the four-year span, 140 of which were classified as hacking attempts, reported Reuters. More on this by Reuters. 

Bosch IP Video and Cyber Security





Cyber Security of IP Video Class Resources (available to class attendees)

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LINK: Bosch Security Academy

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RELATED CLASS: Expert Certification for BVMS

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This course provides the core competencies and knowledge an integrator or installer needs to successfully install and configure Bosch Video Management System using the Divar IP storage appliance. This course includes product demonstrations, in depth configurations, hardware installation, software overview, and troubleshooting. 

In this training plan you will have multiple segments to complete for the certification. This includes an online prerequisite course, a classroom course, and the final exam. 

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Download Cyber Security Resources

Physical & Electronic Security Converged with Cyber Security

IT professionals can lock down and monitor equipment racks to preserve hardware integrity, and keep rogue laptops and removable storage devices away from the network and sensitive data.  For example, consider how Edward Snowden stole information from the NSA via unprotected computer hardware. (story link here)

Equipment racks are located in dedicated IT closets and data centers. Cause for concern is the amount of IT hardware and infrastructure housed in closets that are shared and accessed by personnel from other departments.  In this video we discuss several applications and options for securing data racks and closets.




CASE STUDY: securing data racks in York, PA

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Topics: IP Video Market Development for IT VAR’s, IP Video User Tips, Installation Tips

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