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IP Cameras with Built-in Machine Learning AI Capabilities

Matt Golueke June 17, 2019 20:46 PM

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Camera Trainer machine learning, the next level of AI-enabled video analytics is available in select Bosch IP cameras for real-time detection and alarm alerting. The data created and stored by the Bosch camera, or metadata, can be used with data collection systems to create extensive reports and statistics. 

Think of Camera Trainer as the third and highest level of capability within the Bosch security family of Narrow AI (task-specific artificial intelligence) within video analytics for specific camera models within the CPP6, CPP7, and CPP7.3 families:

  • Essential Video Analytics
  • Intelligent Video Analytics
  • Camera Trainer - Machine Learning

A properly trained technician or experienced end user with training can use prior video footage to help identify specific objects in a scene in a variety of lighting and environmental conditions by providing positive and negative feedback to the camera when presented with objects to identify. 

This information is then used to provide much higher reliability for detection and alerting for given behavior rules.

  • Step 1: register for Bosch Security Academy here >>
  • Step 2: register for the Camera Trainer free online class - (45 min) here >>
  • Step 3: request a license key, available to people who have taken and completed the short online training class here >>

With Camera Trainer it is possible to go beyond merely the detection of pre-defined objects. For example, specific Bosch video cameras can be taught to recognize people with a shopping cart.

Another advantage of the new machine learning-enabled video analytics feature is that it is now feasible to reliably separate vehicles clustered together in front of traffic lights, regardless of movement. Or determine how long a vehicle has been parked in a parking spot. And determine if parking spots are either full or empty. With Camera Trainer, an object no longer needs to move to create a change in a situation, because the camera can be trained to also analyze stationary situations and compare them over different points in time.

Now, imagine the benefits of translating all of this insightful information into instant alerts and business operations intelligence. You could be optimizing your business processes or improving customer satisfaction, with maximum security and safety awareness for your people, customers, and property.

In the example video below, we see the results of programming a Bosch camera to recognize the presence of a specific sign in the field of view by using machine learning in Camera Trainer:


Camera Trainer Setup Tutorials

Camera Trainer Setup Playlist image


DEMONSTRATION: contact us to set up a personal demonstration >>



Compatible Camera List (rev 5/2019) here >>

Camera Trainer compatible camera list image - rev5-2019


Camera Trainer Technical Note here >>

Camera Trainer tech note image for v6.20


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Camera Trainer Playlist image


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Video Analytics example videos image


Video analytics lens calculator image


Video analytics echnical documentation image


DEMONSTRATION: contact us to set up a personal demonstration >>






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