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First Impression at the Front Door: Commend OD5 and OD10 Intercom Stations

Matt Golueke May 13, 2021 11:43 AM

Please Knock image

Companies often claim to offer excellent service, to be a premium provider, or to be unique when it comes to the quality of goods and services supplied. Does this claim match the experience when visitors push the button of the intercom at the front door?

Often, there is no ring tone giving confirmation that the intercom call has gone to the reception desk or host of the meeting. So instead of welcoming customers or suppliers with a basic, old, or even possibly malfunctioning intercom station, how about greeting them with a  touch screen intercom station with immediate feedback and excellent audio quality?

Concerto intercom imageThere is more to be done to impress and assist visitors. All Commend Symphony BF and Symphony MX Intercom Stations can store audio files onboard. When a visitor taps the button to place a call, the station can play music or a recorded message – letting the visitor know the company is to pleased to welcome them.

A message that says, “Please wait for a short moment and we will let you in!”, tells customers visiting that you embrace customer service. Suppliers visiting will know that they are meeting with professionals who know how to run their business with customer service, security, and safety in mind.

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