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Computer Hardware Considerations for Video Surveillance

Matt Golueke June 8, 2017 20:34 PM

Computer Considerations video thumbnail 1.png

Computer hardware considerations for video surveillance are often overlooked. 

Video Management Software (VMS), video storage, and workstation operations require careful consideration when upgrading or deploying a new video surveillance system.

Steve Pennington and Nick Hoyt sat down to dig deeper into this topic as part of the MidChes Site Survey: Video Surveillance resource discussion.

  • Repurposing existing computer hardware
  • Virtual versus dedicated server environments
  • Operating System considerations
  • Workstation performance expectations
  • Minimum requirements equals minimum performance


Site Survey: Video Surveillance

Site Survey - Video Surveillance Cover Image 3-2017 SPIRAL.png

Site Survey: Intrusion          


Site Survey: Perimeter



10 Steps to IP Video




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