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Bosch NDE-5502-AL License Plate Recognition (LPR) Mode Demonstration

Matt Golueke September 1, 2021 19:02 PM

NDE-5502-AL LPR Mode thumbnail 1

Certain Bosch surveillance cameras have a scene mode which is optimized for capturing license plate images. This scene mode limits the maximum gain and optimizes the noise filtering settings to provide the best possible images.

Watch the Bosch NDE-5502-AL License Plate Recognition (LPR) Mode Demonstration here >>


Demonstration Video Details

  • NDE-5502-AL camera model
  • 45" mounting height
  • Bosch firmware v7.81
  • 24" from roadside


Bosch cameras can capture images of license plates, but do not process the images to retrieve the license plate data itself. You need additional software running on a server, appliance, or in the cloud to do so, which then compares the code with, for example, ‘white’ or ‘black’ lists. Such software is available through Bosch partners. 


LPR White Paper coverTechnical Advice for LPR

The optimal camera configuration is different for each LPR software solution. This document describes the factors that impact the quality of the results. Automatic license plate capture and decoding is referred to by different names in various parts of the world. This application note describes the preparation steps necessary to optimize your LPR results with Bosch cameras.


Bosch NDE-5502-AL Technical Details


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Topics: Proof of Concept, License Plate Recognition (LPR)

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