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Background-Noise Suppression for Intercom

Matt Golueke June 18, 2020 15:40 PM

We are living in a world where noise is present most of the time, and in many situations, it is a significant nuisance when it comes to voice communication. Imagine an intercom station at the entrance along a busy street, or a help-point at a highway toll station.

When placing an intercom call, it is difficult for the counterpart to understand what is being said. This is where one of the many aspects of the Commend Audio Competence comes in to solve the problem.

In these cases, the Commend Background-Noise Suppression is very helpful. The algorithm identifies the background noise and then cuts it back, allowing the voice to stand out clear and crisp. The suppression can be adjusted individually to meet the need of the specific situation.


Real-life Application 

The first big-scale launch of this features was for Autostrade, operating a large share of highways in Italy. There, Commend intercom stations deliver perfect audio experience to travellers needing support at the toll stations.

Commend Background-Noise Suppression is not only the ideal feature for help-points along highways and streets: also imagine all types of train stations including subways, where this will offer additional benefit, as well as at doors and gates alongside busy streets.


Commend-Brand-2020-RGBUpgrade Existing Commend Intercom Stations

Background-Noise Suppression is available with nearly all Commend Intercom Stations. Your existing stations may need a firmware update.


Migrate to Commend Intercom Stations

Likewise, Commend intercom stations can use existing wiring from your current intercom solution, reducing the cost to replace old or insufficient systems.


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