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Advanced Video Analytics with Bosch and Milestone Systems - Webinar

Matt Golueke November 6, 2020 13:38 PM

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Because of the deep integration of Bosch IP cameras with Milestone, you can receive specific Video Analytics events like line-crossing, object-in-field or any of the other 16 alarm tasks that are exposed in XProtect.


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Thursday, November 12

11:00 - 11:45 am ET

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Video Analytics is an important enabler of any strategy to substantially improve levels of security, and offer clear business advantages beyond security. It acts as the brains of a security system, using metadata to add sense and structure to captured video footage.


Capabilities include:

  • Receiving of alarms and creating events from Bosch cameras with Video Analytics
  • Traffic monitoring: Wrong-way detection, traffic counts, and detecting parked cars
  • Advanced intrusion detection: Alarms can be set to issue loitering alarms, detect a person or object entering a predefined field, and more
  • Enforcing health and safety regulations: Video Analytics can be used to ensure that no one enters or leaves a retail shop using the emergency exit
  • Optimize retail service level: Camera's metadata can trigger an alarm in case the number of people in a queue exceeds the pre-defined threshold


For more webinar details contact:

Michael Guarino






Topics: Technical - Simplified, Integration, Your Challenge, Our Solution

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